From a meditation retreat to a law of attraction retreat, people around the world are finding the benefits of creating sacred space to learn and heal away from their busy lives. For those interested in shamanism and journeying, learning more about healing rituals can bring about great change to their lives, empowering them to find the right path, and become truly happy living as their authentic selves.

So, what is a shamanic journey and how can it benefit you?

What Is a Shamanic Journey?

Shamanic journeying refers to the process (or ‘journey’) one goes through if entering a trance-like state when connecting with the spiritual world. Practitioners learn various techniques and disciplines to achieve an altered state of consciousness, using their journeying time to seek guidance. They can use the energies in the world around us to heal where there are imbalances present. The practitioner often uses the sound of a drumbeat, building a rhythm to help them while using both meditation and visualization to evoke a powerful experience. Once they’ve returned to a normal state, those who have been on a shamanic journey can learn from their experience and benefit from this personal healing ritual and the deeper insight gained into their true self. This includes addressing changes required in the mind, body, and spirit.

Best Ways to Start Your Journey

The ability to go on a shamanic journey rests inside every individual, but finding guidance is one of the best ways to get started while learning more about this ancient art.

  • Learn from expert teachers and shamanic practitioners who can show you traditions from different modalities as well as putting safety and ethics first when teaching you the correct journeying methods.
  • Find spiritual courses (such as a meditation course) which will show you various journeying techniques so that you can take your own shamanic path.
  • Learn about the use of shamanic drumming and the power of group work.
  • Understand how rituals, sounds and setting intentions can help enhance your shamanic experience.

Regular practice is required to reap the full benefits of journeying.

Find a shamanic Retreat

Here at the Meehl Foundation, we offer a series of weekend spiritual retreats set in casual luxury.

  • Joyful Transformation Shamanic transformational retreats provide you with the knowledge and practices to spiritually heal and stay healed. Break free from a constant cycle of suffering while embracing who you are.
  • Elemental Healing – This weekend retreat provides you with the opportunity to create intimate connections with Mother Earth, teaching you how to heal and re-awaken your full potential. Learn about powerful elemental healing with other like-hearted women through workshops, meeting a collective of spiritual healers, and taking your practice on to the next step.
  • Soul Retrieval Retreat– Unleash ancient power by activating your connection to the earth and the universe. Guided by a shaman, you’ll learn to step-up your healing practices, learn about shamanic journeying, and rediscover the healing powers of the medicine wheel.

If you’re asking the question, ‘what is a shamanic journey?’, find out more by booking your place on one of our shamanic retreats.

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