For those who are passionate about spiritual practice, the art of shamanic healing is a technique used to restore balance and improve health and well-being.

Finding the answers to the question ‘what is shamanic healing?’ is something which many use as the foundation for shamanic studies. It’s a life path which can create a deeper connection to the spiritual realm while using the power of energies around us to bring about healing effects.

What Is Shamanic Healing?

This type of energy-based healing technique has been found in cultures across the world for thousands of years and is still practiced today, applying the ancient principles to modern day life.

Shamanic practices can be used for a multitude of healing benefits, including help with:

  • Health and well-being
  • Physical ailments
  • Illness
  • Mental, psychological and emotional issues
  • Imbalances, e.g. relationship struggles
  • Negative feelings such as guilt, disappointment, fear, and obligation

Shamanic healing techniques deal with the ‘whole being,’ understanding that one symptom may manifest from an imbalance or energy loss elsewhere and that each element of ourselves is connected.

The methods work by developing a deep conscious connection to the energies within and around us and use techniques to bring these back into alignment. This can be through individual healing techniques or even as part of a group such as shamanic journey drumming circles.

Where to Learn Shamanic Healing Techniques

Learning the art of shamanic healing takes time, patience, and knowledge, and one of the best ways to start is by meeting with a shamanic practitioner. They can show you the most effective healing techniques and rituals, as well as providing personal healings and show you how to continue to process yourself. An individual must take responsibility for their own healing for it to truly work. A great way to start is by attending a shamanic retreat.

If looking for a new age retreat set in casual luxury, the Meehl Foundation offers three to choose from.

Soul Retrieval

At our 3-day Soul Retrieval Retreat, we address the ‘whole person’ and help you find the confidence to make empowering changes to start living a life of fulfillment. We examine emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual setbacks while using spiritual practices and scientifically-backed techniques to help you heal. Learn about and take part in modern-day healing therapies to transform your life.

Elemental Healing

Our 3-day Elemental Healing Retreat will help you rediscover the healing journey that’s embedded in the medicine wheel with the guidance with Debra Meehl . The techniques will help you live more consciously on the earth and also help you to enhance your health, well-being, joy, and productivity.

Shamanic Sisterhood

On our all-female 3-day luxury retreat, you’ll embrace feminine spirituality while forming an empowering network in a growing shamanic movement. Meet healers from different modalities and practices to experience intuitive readings, personal healings, and hands-on shamanic workshops. You’ll also learn about the art of shamanic drumming and how shamanic music can help you heal fully with each evening set at a fireside.

Booking a Healing Retreat 

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