soul retrieval


What To Expect After Soul Retrieval 

The experience people have after a soul retrieval is purely specific to a person, the medicine guides the experience to exactly what you need.

However, the most common changes that people experience after a soul retrieval are shared here so you can have an idea of what to expect while you go through the journey. Furthermore, The results are free do not vary with the method. Whether the process involves a Shaman who has guided you on the way or if psychedelics were a crucial part of the journey. The process is not the same for everyone. That is why you can experience all the blessings of soul retrieval. Studying and reading about these expected experiences will make your mind and body more welcoming to them. You will be able to understand the process and be ready for the plenty of surprises that are about to come.

Integration period after soul retrieval

After the lost parts of the soul come back and connect to you, your body needs time to integrate those parts and re-configure the flow of energy to all your body. The body takes time to settle to these changes. During the soul Integral phase, the body starts to show signs of integration that can last up to four weeks. These signs are both physical, mental, and emotional. The integration phase is crucial because You get to know and feel the things changing around you. You get a real-time perspective of your soul becoming whole again.  

Mental Signs

 The feeling of past emotions or memories is a common trait that people experience after a soul retrieval. You are likely to get flashbacks of memories that can be pleasant or unpleasant. The returned parts of the soul carry these memories with them and once they connect to you, you experience these emotions of the past. These memories are an asset of us of which we were unaware. It is the same as discovering a treasure left by our ancestors. You should embrace these gifts and try to read them, welcome them and let them be a part of your cosmic memory.

Vivid Dreams

You are very likely to see more vivid dreams that are very close to reality or lucid dreaming. This is part of the integration process. Soul retrieval positively affects your third eye chakra. This causes more intense dreams that are close to reality. These dreams can be visions from the past or a remote view to the astral plane or other higher planes. You might experience the spirit world or a surprise visit from your ancestors. you might receive angelic messages in these dreams. These vivid dreams leave an impact when we wake up and do not vanish like other ordinary dreams which we experience daily.


Connection to the universe

After soul retrieval, Your brain functions improve. Your brain frequency elevates from alpha to theta, which enhances your psychic capabilities and you feel more connected to the universe. Many people experience a very deep connection to the universe which feels as if the universe is constantly responding to them. People tend to feel more of their thoughts and the communication between you and the universe becomes intense.

Sense Of Connectivity

You may experience a pure sense of peace and connectivity that was absent before. You may feel complete and whole. This feeling of wholesomeness comes from the completeness of the soul. You will feel the presence of yourself without any void like you were feeling before. The void of absence from this world will slowly vanish with a sense of completeness. The space in your heart will be filled with love and joy. You will start to be happy about your presence. Many people who were living life meaningless felt the purpose of their presence and the meaningless curbed away. People started to integrate the universe, stars, and ancestors in such a way that they became a part of the whole system and universe as if they are a part of the universal consciousness

Peace Of Mind

Healing of Past trauma is the utmost benefit of Soul retrieval. After or during the integration phase, Mental problems such as depression, guilt, or trapped emotions come to a possible end. You start to feel more connected with a clear mind free from any emotional abuse or pressure. soul retrieval will elevate you from all these negative thoughts. The guilt and other emotional abuse will not have that strong impact on you like they did before. You will start to feel peace in yourself. All the hassle that we do for our satisfaction will slow down because the peace within ourselves will calm us from inside.

Physical Changes

The body shows clear signs of integration process after a soul retrieval. The body slowly adjusts to this wholeness. In the meantime, you may experience Flu or aches. You might also feel nausea. This is completely normal. These signs are temporary and go away once the integration process comes to an end. The influx of energy and integration process will be heavy to process for the body. However, overall the experience is very pleasant and smooth. The presence of pain or aches will be apart from the regular pains we have. It will be a sign of a heavy change that is happening.

Connection with stars

After soul retrieval, the data embedded in our DNA starts to diffuse which gives you an understanding of the stars and cosmic system. The life force which exists from the beginning of the universe is within us. It has data of all the things present in the universe. This galactic and cosmic data is a bridge that connects us with the star and galaxies. Once, all the pieces of the soul are intact, The connection deepens and you resonate with the stars and the mechanism that is binding this universe. The feeling is hard to put in words but once you are integrated with the cosmic system it starts to make sense.

Connection with ancestors

Since energy is immortal, the connection with our ancestors is present. Soul retrieval further Enhances our connection to our ancestors, who are always here to guide us. The genetic connection between us and our ancestors starts to flourish and opens a pathway for us to connect with them. This connection can have man forms even the dreams we see maybe a sign by our ancestors.

Balance in the five elements

When the soul is complete, it balances the five basic materials: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space/Ether. the soul. Each person is born with these elements present in them with a certain strength for each element. Hence, the balance that soul retrieval brings in the elements gives a sense of harmony, peace, and tranquility in life because all the elements are correlated. The balanced elements can divert energy to any human function either physical, mental or emotional. That is why the sense of dissatisfaction slowly vanishes leaving behind joy and complete satisfaction

Flow Of Energy

After the soul retrieval, you will experience a flow of energy in the body. This is positive energy that is harnessed. you might feel energized with this flow of energy. you might also feel a tingly feeling in the body due to this flow of energy. your body will get used to this flow of energy in some time. Your chakras will slowly learn to adopt a higher flow of energy. Your meridians will channel them across your body. This influx of positive energy will eliminate and remove the negative and dark energies from your body. Your aura will start to expand. The unwanted energies in your aura will be pushed away from your space and energy field. This White light will heal our Physical body, mental body, and Astral body.

What To Do During The Integration Phase After  Soul Retrieval.

You should relax. Take some time off from work or any other chores. Breathing exercises are a great way of relaxing the body. Breathing exercises will enhance your focus and the thoughts will be more readable and understandable. Every thought that enters our mind is from us within. Breathing will help you to calm these thoughts so that the messages in these thoughts can become clear.  You need to give time to the body so it can adapt to this change. Try to take most of this integration phase by meditation. Meditation will help you to ascend through this phase. Meditation will calm your body and mind. Thus, enabling it to easily integrate with returning parts of the soul. moreover, meditation will enable you to experience and feel plenty of psychic experiences such as Lucid dreaming, visions and in some cases, people start to feel and differentiate energies around them. Moreover, you should be attentive and be mindful during this phase because it will help you in interpreting the information that is being channeled from the higher consciousness. YOu should try to read signs and embrace them. You should be more attentive and try to feel the surrounding so you can feel the energies around you.