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Women Shamans will connect you to mother earth through healing diseases and emotions with the universal healing and earth’s power. Women shamans are the traditional healing women who live for their communities. The middle age and modern shaman movement actually started all over the world about the same time.  Amazon forests and mountains, the Mongolian high desert, Africa, Mexico, the Celts/Druids Indo-Europeans  as well as women shamans practicing their faith and calling in Asian, and several other regions of the world. These shamans are extremely wise and have a spiritual connection and are constantly in touch with nature and the spirits that guide them. Most communities where shaman women are found owe them a great deal of gratitude for their survival.


The History of Shamanism


The word “shaman” originated from the Siberian language known as the “Tungus” however the ancient Indian word Shaman actually gave its true meaning which means to heal oneself.


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The true shamanism has been part of history for a very long time and according to some historians, some paleolithic art of shaman practice were found in Europe some 17,000 years ago and in South Africa, some 25,000 years ago. The earliest known archeological ruins of the shaman practice were found at a burial site in Israel, some 12,000 years ago. Another record shows that the Shaman practice had been alive for over 30,000 years. Regardless of all these early discoveries, it is safe to say that Shamanism has been in existence for over 10,000 years.


According to the Siberian tribe where the word Shaman seems to originate from, it simply means someone excited or raised. This meaning has been connected to the world of Shamanism where healing is connected to an altered state of the conscious mind. Today, the shaman women constantly engage in conversations with the spirit of nature, to gain vital information on how to heal an individual, this is called journeying. When practicing shamanism for healing, you have to voluntarily agree to shaman healers to take you through a journey of many lifetimes and you have to be willing to learn of the contacts you have know or in the past, you will explore your subconscious realm, making positive changes that influence you current life.


Shamans with Higher Consciousness Level


Being a Shaman is not a role that is chosen by the individual woman. These women believe that it is God who bestows on them the ability to conduct healings through natural substances. The special capacity to become a shaman manifests through the spirit of the plants, these women can “allow” themselves to become hollow bones for the healing of others, they stand in the “gap” to allow the Universe to co-create with the sick to form a bond of healing that is available to everyone.


The role and activities of shaman women are critical to the survival of the communities they are found, they protect and guide individuals who reside in their communities. From their experiences, they have learned to connect with nature’s spirits. Through the shaman women, the connection between humans and nature can be transferred from one generation to the next. With the transfer of their natural capabilities from one generation to the other, the shaman women can heal those who believe in them to free them from their ailments.


Shaman Women


The shaman women didn’t learn to become shaman, are shamans through their own supernatural experiences. To achieve this, one must be ready to commit and demonstrate against all resistance and distractions that hinder one’s connectivity to the natural forces. Most shaman women begin their journey into this practice by going into isolation in the forest or jungle. In most cases, they also feast on natural diets which comprise of plants of their surrounding. This is a walk-about, vision quest, or initiation into their life work.


Without the supernatural experience, you cannot become a shaman and that is why these women had to experience and live on the new ideology they have learned from their encounters with nature and the God of their understanding. This women needs freedom and serenity, especially within natural settings, devoid of any distraction, in order to perform their responsibilities, this is why many live on the outskirts of towns and villages, or new forest and streams or lakes. This is where they receive energy and sustain their life-force. This is where they flourish in the natural home of their creator.


Shaman Women Heal with Plant Medicine


The shaman has remained one of the most sustainable channels to connect with the spirits of the plant. The shaman women rely on the use of psychedelic plants such as Ayahuasca, yopo, and psychedelic mushrooms to detoxify the patients mind and help them access their unconscious parts. It is believed that humans naturally lack self awareness because they rarely challenge their consciousness, and it is when the individual can re-adjust his sub-conscious mind that he can do away with traditional beliefs limiting his success and progress. One of the principles of the shaman practice is that you must challenge your thoughts if you want to change your life for the better.


When you participate in one of the shaman healing rituals, you will be helped by the shaman to access that which is not on the surface but you will access that which is part of your sub-consciousness. From accessing your sub-consciousness, the shaman women will accompany you towards the achievement of greater self-awareness and self-knowledge. Becoming more aware of your body, and your identity is the first path towards healing, and this is one of the basic foundational principles of the shaman practice.


Thanks to the ability of shaman women to lead us through the path of sub-consciousness, we will be able to reconnect our body and mind to the natural healing wonders, in order to free ourselves from worries, ailments, and internal conflicts. One experience with the shaman will lead you into a state of greater health and improve well-being.


You cannot take a step forward in life until you challenge your inner beliefs and change your way of thinking. Shamans connect us with those things that are wonderful and sacred, which are the things we can mostly find in nature,bring peace to the mind and soul.




Contrary to popular beliefs that the Shaman women are wicked beings, these amazing women are lifesavers who have helped and still helping thousands of people worldwide to regain control of their conscious mind. The shaman believes that most of the problems happening around the world today are because of the disconnection between the natural world and modernity, and until this connection is restored, humans will continue to be plagued by numerous diseases and chaos. The shamanic healing practices of women are growing worldwide in numbers with lots of proofs of how they have been able to alleviate the suffering of diseases and restore the consciousness of their patients through natural means.  As they heal people, and these people have their own spiritual experience,they heal mother earth.


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