Yopo is considered an ancestral medicine because of its entheogenic substances. The effect of Yopo has been described as a combination of Ayahuasca and Bufo Alvarius and that means it is capable of producing a cleansing and spiritual connection in the human body. In broader times, Yopo can create a connection to your higher-self  in the individual user and at the same time makes one conscious of the need for unity and connection to the Universe or the God/Goddess of your understanding. 


The Origin of Yopo


The origin of Yopo has been traced to the ancient Venezuelan and the Amazon tribes who resided for centuries in the Amazon forest, where the plant’s entheogenic powers were first unlocked. Currently, the use of Yopo for therapeutic needs have been approved in all the states in the USA except in Louisiana. The Yopo powder is prepared by grinding the seed of the plant and the ground seed is mixed and processed with some other processed parts of the plant to create small slabs that look like black, brown or white cakes before they are grounded into a powder before inhaling.


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Consuming Yopo


Originally, inhalation is the primary method of consuming the therapeutic Yopo through the use of “Yopera”, a tube-like inhalation instrument that separates into two smaller tubes that will fit into the nostrils. This method of applying the substance will give the medicine greater depth and penetration. Thankfully, Yopo causes mild sedation when inhaled but it doesn’t cause vomiting, or any serious side effects especially when used at smaller doses.


The Visionary Experience of Yopo


It is important to note that Yopo creates diverse therapeutic experiences in users and one of such is the vision-inducement. You may want to drink another natural liquid known as Ayahuasca which is a natural relaxant and a substance that chemically prepares your body for the visionary experience of Yopo. Ayahuasca will create a preparation effect in your body when taken in moderate quantity. But it is not necessary for the yopo experience. 


The visualization experience should begin in less than 5 minutes of inhaling Yopo. In this case, your body begins to warm up slowly and then you will start feeling a tingling sensation throughout the body. You will begin to feel that awareness, followed by a minor discomfort that will propel you to detoxify your body, whereby you will feel like vomiting. At this stage, all your body’s energy levels will be unlocked.


The visions created through the unlocking of your body’s energy levels will generate thoughts that can initially become confusing and eventually your brain will develop new perspectives. You may see lights, halos, auras, objects that shimmer, ripple or breath.  You may experience the God/Goddess of your understanding speak to you or give you instructions.You may have a feeling that all things are connected and that there is a unity in all creation.  You will feel all come alive connected and that a vast hidden depth to them.  Yopo can bring you to the truth and to a connection to all parts of ourselves and the oneness of the Universe.  The downside to this warp in time and the fabric of the universe is our interpretation of “fact” and “fantasy” , most Shamans’ believe that what we call fantasy is actually more real that the Universe we call reality.  Having a Shaman that knows  and understands the “spirit of the plant” must be present to support the participant in helping them understand the nature of their visions.  The proper mind-set can not be understated here, Yopo is a sacrament, and should be treated as such in a plant medicine ceremony, with a Shaman that can hold sacred space and has a clear understanding of the spirit of the plant with the ability to communicate with that spirit. 


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The Effects of Yopo Treatment


One of the therapeutic effects of Yopo treatment is that it creates a disintegration of the “masks” (ego) covering your daily lives hence, you will quickly discover your true identity. It will also create some amazing feelings of gratitude while supporting the process of re-discovering yourself. It is important to note that the entire Yopo experience will take place with your eyes closed, and the facilitator of the treatment will guide you in attaining the appropriate physical position.




Those who have experienced the Yopo treatment effect reported that the confrontational part lasts for about 15 minutes when the body prepares for the elevation phase. The real experience begins when your consciousness begins to elevate until it attains that state of fullness that may last for up to 3 hours. Yopo treatment is quite different from short and temporary effects derived from certain plant medicine treatments, it gives you that lasting experience that you will never forget. There has been no cause of death or any other disruptive reactions to the Yopo treatment and that could be the reason why the adoption of the treatment is gaining more popularity in the United States of America and many other countries of the world.


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