My journey with Kambo never ceases to amaze me. There really is no end to the wonderful benefits and synchronistic lessons of the medicine. And… as with any medicine…  I am always keen to keep an eye out for the patterns and signs that present themselves on this path. Lately (within the last two weeks) I have noticed recurring questions, discussions and discoveries presenting themselves to me regarding Kambo and Kundalini.

Now, if I’m being brutally honest, I never expected to be writing something like this… not in a million years. I would say that my own Kundalini is FAR from “activated” or fully embodied. And I am abundantly aware that there I still have much healing to do in that regard. And yet, here I am… finding myself face-to-face with a revelation that simply will not leave me be. So, as unworthy as I may feel to be a voice for this particular topic, I feel equally certain that I MUST share it nonetheless. If only for my own peace of mind. 

Kambo for Sex Drive

For those of you who may have seen my recent Facebook post, this topic first revealed itself to me through another practitioner’s inquiry about Kambo’s effects on sex drive. Now, I don’t have a degree, nor do I know of any clinical studies on this topic… yet. But, just from what I do know about Kambo and its mechanisms, I found this question to be somewhat startling. Why wouldn’t Kambo have positive effects on sex drive? There are 16 clinically identified peptides in Kambo, many of which fulfill selective roles that are at least tangentially related to sex drive in one way or another:

  • Caeruleins and Sauvagines both stimulate the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland. Together they increase sensory perception (hello?!) and regulate a smorgasbord of hormones which are all directly or indirectly tied to sexual health and function.
  • Phylokinins, Phlyomedusins, and Bradykinins are all vasodilators. More blood flow = more “yes!”
  • Careuleins, Sauvegines, Phylomedusins, Bradykinins, Bombesins, and Ceruleins all stimulate smoothe muscle and increase said muscle contractability, which should logically result in more intense orgasm due to the high smooth muscle content of the reproductive system as a whole.
  • Dermorphin and Deltorphin are basically natural opioids, so there’s all the ‘feel good’ you need.
  • Adenoregulins present potentially desirable effects, as similar adenosine agonists are responsible for the neuro-active effects of caffeine and chocolate. Although I’d have to do A LOT more research to confirm this suspicion.
  • and we’re not entirely sure what awesome effects Tryptophilins have on the function of the brain yet. So there’s a whole playground of possibilities there.

Kambo peptides

… while they do other things for the body during the course of ceremony… act on the endocrine, circulatory, and nervous systems in ways that synergistically affect the reproductive system, and by proxy pose the potential to increase sexual appetite and satisfaction post-ceremony.

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Tantric Healing
Kambo Ceremony

 More recently, I was having a conversation with a close friend about the various benefits of Kambo when the topics of Tantra and Kundalini came up.  Specifically, we were discussing programs for feminine healing and sexuality. The idea was to combine Kambo, aerial yoga / tai chi, and tantric exploration to facilitate deep transformation for anorgasmic women (that is, women who are unable to orgasm during pleasurable intercourse) or those who have experienced sexual trauma. During the course of the conversation, she (another experienced Kambo practitioner) said, “Well, I don’t know what Kambo would have to do with that, but I guess I could see it.” And again, I was a bit startled.

We’ve already discussed all of the physical ways in which Kambo affects reproductive and sexual health, but the medicine goes so much deeper. Beyond healing at a physical level, Kambo purges traumatic emotions, negative patterns, and self-limiting beliefs at a soul level. Couple that with conscious, intentional, body-positive and physically embodied practices and what part of that wouldn’t be beneficial to sexual healing?

Used intentionally, Kambo will reach into the psyche to rip out the root of shame and guilt based beliefs about sex. Kambo will reach into the mind and heal feelings of inadequateness, unworthiness, fear, regret, failure and disappointment. It will sink into the aura and purge all the lingering imprints of past lovers. It will spread throughout the body and purge the physical breadcrumbs of past experiences. Applied with understanding and consciousness, it will bring you face-to-face with the untouched, untainted, pristine purity of your own spirit, and call that purity forward to be fully embodied in the body.

Follow that experience (after adequate rest and integration) with a body-prayer like aerial yoga or Tai chi and holy shit. How powerful would it be to reconnect (sometimes for the first time in adult life) with your body as a new being… to experience sacred movement in a way that draws your consciousness back into the sacred physical vessel of your soul with grace and beauty. What a rediscovery of self that would be… to unify with the purity of your sacred vessel as a clean and unblemished divine creation.

Now, with that blossoming awareness and new interconnectedness, imagine stepping into a ceremonial space of personal exploration. Take that freshly embodied physicality and expand it into a sanctified (re)introduction to sensuality and pleasure in all of the many forms (not just sex). What doors might open if you used Kambo and body-prayer as a foundation for exploring personal pleasure not only as a liberating force of self-love and self-acceptance… not only as a globally liberating force of revolutionary resistance and healing… but as a REAL, LIVING embodiment of Divine creativity, passion, and creation?

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kambo Treatment

What mountains might we move if we remembered the heartstring of divine passion that sings within us? What might we manifest? What might we create if we remembered how to use our bliss, our ecstasy with sacred intentions? What heights and secrets of heaven might we penetrate if we learned to use the medicine with an open mind and heart?

People keep asking, “What does Kambo have to do with any of that?” But, at the heart of the matter, all sacred practices were created to do one singular thing: unite us with the sacred heart of god that dwells within us. Kambo clears the energy channels so that energy… by whatever name you choose to call it (prana, chi, kundalini)… may flow freely and unrestricted as Spirit intends. Body prayers like yoga, tai chi, qi gong, etc. re-establish the energy pathways that so often atrophy through misuse. And Tantric practices reawaken our body and our consciousness to the sacred USE of that energy as a divine gift and holy tool for enlightenment and healing. Each one easily builds upon the other as complementary and synergistic steps on a  pathway to embodied presence. So WHY NOT use them together?  It only makes sense.

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Shamanic Healing