While it’s one of the oldest spiritual traditions in the world, shamanism is far from an outdated practice. Contemporary shamanic practices are used to enhance personal empowerment as well as for guidance and healing. Where tradition meets modern, practices are used to teach others how to take responsibility for their own healing, providing those from all walks of life a safe form of shamanic initiation which they can use to change their lives.

This has opened up shamanism for women further, whose involvement in spiritual practices can help enhance their personal power.

Modern Shamanic Practices for Women

While becoming an expert in shamanism can take years of discipline, for those looking for a shamanic experience to help with their personal growth, various core practices can be learned and easily applied to your life to make real, positive changes. It’s important to acknowledge the history of shamanism and how teachings across the ages have kept these important techniques alive. When women come together, it can be a powerful reminder of how feminine spirituality aquired from women shamans can help grow our knowledge and awareness of both ourselves and the world around us.

Meeting practitioners from various modalities (including those who have shamanic dream experiences) as well as other women shamans who have a passion for authentic spirituality, can add value to your own learning. This includes bringing together multiple healers, each calling upon teacher spirits to help restore balance and guidance where needed. What you learn from others who practice shamanism can empower you to take control of your own healing going forward and have the confidence to make the changes you need to.

Women’s Empowerment Retreats

Here at the Meehl Foundation, we provide the ideal setting for shamanic Healing retreats. Our range of courses set in casual luxury encompass a blend of practices and shamanic healing rituals, offering rich experiences for your personal journey. Among them, we have our Joyful Transformation retreat which helps attendees to address the whole person and banish negative thoughts and feelings which are holding them back. We also offer a Plant Medicine retreat with shaman Debra Meehl, on which you’ll go on a journey to rediscover the healing elements embedded in the medicine wheel.

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Shamanic Sisterhood

One of our most powerful spiritual retreats for women is our Shamanic Sisterhood retreat which invites spiritually-conscious women to gather and explore shamanic wisdom together. We’ve even had those looking for shamanic healing NYC based teachers come to our center for our women-focused retreats.

Core shamanism is open to those sincere about spirituality and what shamanic meditation can do for them and others.

  • Develop a network of like-hearted women to support and empower you on your sacred earth walk.
  • Be part of our growing movement, creating a tribe of spiritual women who share their emerging knowledge with each other.
  • Meet expert teachers from a range of backgrounds and traditions.
  • Experience intuitive readings, hands-on workshops, and personal healings.
  • Rekindle ancient roots while breathing modern life into shamanic traditions.

Book Your Place Now

If you’d like to explore shamanic practices for women’s empowerment, take a look at our retreat information pages and book your place now.

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